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Champion CoolBritannia
Casino Royale


Leo is a Blue Mitted, he has successfully fathered many fabulous litters.  His best friend is Bean, who sleeps every night curled up against his tummy. He is not necessarily the brightest spark, but he loves his Mum and his conversation, he is another one of our very gentle souls.  He has recently been neutered and is letting his son Spencer carry on his line



Champion Leirum Smokey Quartz


Smokey is a Seal High Mitted Bicolour and our oldest boy who is now retired and living a peaceful life.  He has given us many fabulous kittens and we have been very lucky to have been entrusted with him by our wonderful fellow breeder Leirum Ragdolls.  His son Cassian is now carrying on his line.

International Champion TiggersRus Spencer Reid

Spencer is a Blue Point carrying chocolate he has just gained his International Champion title and is now working towards his Grand International Champion title

He and Paige have recently welcomed their latest litter.

Champion TiggersRus Cassian


Cas is a Lilac Bicolour, he has been going to shows and has recently gained his Champion title.

His parents are Champion Leirum Smokey Quartz & TiggersRus Angel Jennyanydots

He and Bow have just recently welcomed their first litter of kittens.

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