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TiggersRus Phoenix


Phoenix (aka Nixxy) is Blue Mitted, her parents are Champion CoolBrittannia Casino Royale & Calaquendi Dolls Mistyblue Ofleirum
She is still only young so is currently going to shows until she is old enough to be mated with Champion Tiggers'R'Us Cassian.  She has been doing very well on the show bench gaining several Best in Shows.

Champion TiggersRus Paige


Paige is lilac mitted, she has recently had her 2nd litter of kittens and is a fabulous mummy.  

Her parents are Champion Leirum Smokey Quartz & TiggersRus LilBit

She will now be retiring and enjoying life as a pampered princess.

TiggersRus Rainbow Dash

Rainbow Dash aka Bow is a Blue Point, she is a fabulous girl who has a very loving personality. 

Her parents are International Champion TiggersRus Spencer Reid & Calunthor Nagini 

Bow has recently had her first litter of kittens and she is an amazing mummy

TiggersRus Day Dream


Day Dream (aka Pudding) is seal mitted and is still only young and is busy going to shows and bossing the older cats in the house about.  Her parents are Champion Leirum Smokey Quartz and TiggersRus Azurite.

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